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Camp policies

If anyone abuses property, creates a disturbance, or does not adhere to Camp Policies they will be asked to leave immediately.Do not feed any wild animals found in the camp or its surrounding. This includes monkeys and birds

Oasis Eco camp is a family oriented alcohol free camp and the following guidelines have been established so that everyone may enjoy their visit with us. Anyone failing to abide by the rules will be asked to leave. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior, safety and whereabouts at all times while within the camp.

Special rules apply during exclusive hire of the camp.

  1. Clients must be 18+ years of age. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  2. The camp is designed with adventurous, nature and bush lovers in mind. It offers a chance to interact with nature but may not be suitable for people looking for a standard hotel.
  3. Oasis Eco camp is a family camp. Excessive noise and loud music at any time is not permitted except on private hire of the camp
  4. Please observe the earmarked Parking Bays. No cars are allowed beyond these points.
  5. Pets are not allowed
  6. Oasis Eco camp is an alcohol and smoke free camp.
  7. Fires must not be left unattended. Standing trees, should not be cut/tampered with.
  8. All trash must be put in designated rubbish bins. They are usually disposed out of the property. Carry your bottles and cans back.
  9. Check-in time is 12 M to 6PM. Ps notify us if you intend to arrive earlier or later than the time allowed. Check out time is 10 AM